One Life, One Love, One Tourney

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This Is Only The Beginning

Since its inception in 2003, the PepsiCo Showdown has grown and improved in every area, which is why it’s considered by many to be the crown jewel each season. 

The goal from the start has always been to bring different schools, players and coaches together to shine on and off the field, while offering everyone the opportunity to get out of their communities to see different areas and economic situations.

While the PepsiCo Showdown creates countless on-the-field memories, it is more than just games. One thing we take great pride in is that the PepsiCo Showdown continues to be a resource for charities and fundraisers that you can read more about on our Giving Back page.

Thousands of volunteers have gone above and beyond to ensure the PepsiCo Showdown is a positive experience for every person involved, and I encourage you to read some of the feedback or read the archives below.

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Joe Trost
Tournament Founder
Chicago Tribune/

Making An Impact

I've had the chance to be part of the PepsiCo Showdown for several years and in several different ways…and it is truly a pinnacle in terms of soccer experiences in the nation today.

Chip Huber- Dean of Student Engagement/Men's Soccer Assistant Coach

In the seven years I have been coaching at my school, this year me and my players had more interaction with college and club coaches than all of my years combined. I believe that the PepsiCo Showdown played a role in that exposure process.

Jason Rollins- Boys Soccer Coach/East Aurora High School

The PepsiCo Showdown is more than wins and losses, but really about providing players with an amazing soccer experience. It represents what is good about high school soccer, allowing players a forum to showcase their talent.

JJ Crawford- Girls Soccer Coach/Maine South High School More



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